Satellite - Innovation. It's a beautiful thing.

You-Specific Screen Sizes
Which screen size is right for you? The Satellite® family of laptops offers a full range of models to meet your needs. Want a large display for entertainment and multitasking, or a smaller one for traveling and working in tight quarters? Choose from 12.5” to full 17.3” diagonal widescreen displays?all with Toshiba HD TruBrite® technology for stunning color, clarity and contrast.
Features for Every Interest and Budget
Ringing your bell without wringing out your wallet. That’s the goal of the feature-forward Satellite laptop line. Look for fast processors, discrete graphics, along with spacious storage. Some models even come with an impact-smart hard drive to help protect your data, Intel Wireless Display or Backlit Keyboards.
Great for Windows 8
Want the best Windows 8 experience? It’s here. Satellite laptops offer stunning displays to showcase the Windows 8 Start screen. Some come with touchscreens to make navigation and customization faster and more fluid. Others even convert from an Ultrabook™ to a tablet. Plus, large, intuitive touchpads with Windows 8 gesture support help you navigate the exciting new Windows 8 tiles interface and apps.
A Letter-Perfect Laptop Line
Maybe you need a PC offering exceptional economics with just the essentials. Check out Satellite® C-Series laptops. Or discover an ingenious blend of style, performance and value with the Satellite® L-Series. Want more? Notch up the brains, brawn and beauty with Satellite® S- and P-Series laptops. Or choose the U-Series for an Ultrabook™ experience.

Serious Styles and Colors
Satellite laptops offer a veritable fashion show of new and renewed finishes designed to make it impossible not to want one. Check out the variety of lid colors and accents, Trax, Fusion® or Aluminum casings, cool LED-backlit keyboards and displays, plus other stand-out design features.
Toshiba-Exclusive Extras
Satellite laptops come with innovative, thought-through features you won’t get just anywhere—extras that make it easier to manage and enjoy your life. Look for larger touchpads with multi-touch control for better Windows 8 navigation, a power-saving eco Utility™, a PC Health Monitor to keep your laptop at its best, USB Sleep & Charge ports to power your smartphone and MP3 player—even while your laptop is off, and Toshiba Resolution+ to make your standard-def stuff look more like HD.

Available models