Encore 2 WT10-A

Experience the freedom of Windows 8.1 on a sleek tablet you'll want to take everywhere. With its elegant satin gold chassis and matching slim bezel, this light, thin device was designed to impress. The clear 25.7 cm (10.1") display is just as engaging, whether you want to immerse yourself in media, explore the benefits of Windows 8.1 - or get organised with Outlook, as part of Office 365 Personal**. Simply tap on your favourite applications or scroll through web pages using the intuitive 10-point touchscreen. You're always ready to capture a video or photo opportunity in true-to-life detail, thanks to the high-quality 5 MP Full HD camera. Or take an accurate digital snapshot of your whiteboard notes with the Toshiba TruCapture application, so you can use them at any time. Your movies and music will be beautifully crisp too, as Dolby® Digital Plus advanced audio enhancement brings every realistic sound to life. Affordable, elegant and easy to use, it meets your every need. From familiar applications to all-day entertainment, the 10.1" Encore 2 Windows tablet has something for everyone.

From the Windows experience you know to Office 365 Personal tools** you use every day, the Encore 2 is everything you want from a tablet and more. It comes with all the familiar Office 365 Personal applications** - including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook - so you can be more productive across devices. And because it's a handy travel companion, you're free to read, edit, write and share your documents anywhere. Or create a mini masterpiece, simply by drawing on the touchscreen as if it was paper. With the Fresh Paint application, it's easy to paint on photos, use oils and watercolours, change brushes and even develop your own colours. Plus, the Encore 2 features Skype minutes** and Xbox One SmartGlass - so you can also expect clear communication and standalone gaming from this feature-rich, value-added tablet.

**Office 365 Personal 1 year subscription included. Office activation required within 6 months of Windows activation date. Subscription includes 60 world minutes per month on Skype and 1TB base allowance on OneDrive (upgradeable).
If you want an affordable tablet that's both elegant and engaging, the Toshiba Encore 2 is your perfect match. Everyone's eyes will be on the stunning design with elegant satin gold chassis and matching slim bezel - while yours will be drawn to the 25.7 cm (10.1") screen. Bright, sharp and with a wide viewing angle, it gives you a clear view of all your favourite media. And you can interact fully with what you see on the intuitive 10-point touchscreen. From tapping on applications to flicking through screens, navigating or browsing is just a touch away - so you can always get the most out of Windows 8.1. The smart, stylish Encore 2 is sure to impress. And because it's light and thin, you'll want it by your side whenever you travel.

The Encore 2 comes with everything you need for work and fun. So if you want to shoot clear, sharp photos or videos for use in a presentation or sharing online, you can. The high quality 5 MP rear camera features Full HD 1080p video capture and has auto-focus functionality, so you can record the picture exactly as you saw it. From action-packed moments to incredible views, the Encore 2 is always ready to capture true-to-life scenes, even in low light. You can also take an accurate digital snapshot of your handwritten notes. There's no retyping or fuss with the Toshiba TruCapture application - simply capture the information on any paper document, whiteboard or projected image. It saves you time and effort, so you can be more productive on the go.
The 10.1" Encore 2 delivers a fluid performance that moves as fast as you do. With an Intel® Atom™ processor and integrated graphics inside, it's quick and easy to move seamlessly between responsive apps, web pages or video streams. And because it also comes with an impressive all-day battery life, you won't need to sacrifice power to travel light. Simply leave your charger at home, and head out to enjoy up to 8.5 hours*** of work and play on a single charge.

***up to 8.5 hours battery life is based on 720p video playback @ 60 NITs
The Encore 2 gives you all the flexibility to work and study how you want to. 2 GB of memory delivers improved multitasking and a smoother performance. And if you want to be extra productive, there's the optional Toshiba Bluetooth® Keyboard for Encore 2. Fully optimised for the WT10-A, this keyboard with a foldable cover comes with Bluetooth® connectivity for anywhere working - and because the cover folds easily into an upright stand, it supports your tablet while you enjoy hands-free viewing. With an easy-to-use mechanism and full keyboard that perfectly matches the satin gold tablet, it looks and feels like one stunning device

Everything you need to connect to your other devices is onboard and raring to go. You can quickly transfer content via the micro-USB port - and display your media on a larger screen using the micro-HDMI® out port. Plus, there's a micro-SD slot supporting seamless exchange with other Windows devices - or to extend the memory by up to 128 GB, via micro-SD card. The Encore 2 also supports Wi-Fi - and has built-in Bluetooth® and wireless display technology for easier streaming.

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